Tuesday, 8 June 2010


He told her, " I'll love you until the day I die."

He then wrapped his arms around her like a sheet lays on furniture to keep away unwanted dust in a deserted home, and fell asleep.

As the day dawned, she sorrowfully picked up the pieces of her disappointment, packed a suitcase of shattered memories, and walked away like the tears of emptiness..

For she is a Woman who can't be with a man whose love has limits.

Downlaod Stupidity (Voice by Stephanie Harb)

* * * * * * *
A very special Thanks goes to @octavianasrCNN for her lovely touch on this final version.

Also this piece is dedicated to the following friends for believing in me: @LabibaLaith @w43L @AhmadBas @ElianeBader @mebreek @DanyAwad @mich1mich

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  1. So glad to be able to read you in one go at last and not letter by letter... Thank you and I hope there will be more :-))

  2. Thanks for the dedication :)

    Having read this and the Arabic version...
    I would say this is excellent, but for me, I like the Arabic version more; and that's probably because Arabic is my first language.

    It would be interesting to have a comment from an English mother tongue person.

    I bet it was hard work to do :P
    and you did it :)

  3. It's nice.. but day after day, I discover how musical and rich is our language (the Arabic language) .. it's like playing a tune, lets say "Marriage D' Amor" once with piano and another with "electric guitar" even if the player is the same and the notes are the same, the effect is different, the feelings with the piano are not the same with the guitar. same meanings,same writer, same feelings, but in Arabic it reached and touched me more, it was joyful. thanks for your effort, you r great in any language you write. please keep writing and i do want you to translate your work to English.

  4. I am a defender of Arabic Language :) but this is a very good piece .

    thank you for the dedication,
    hope that you write a story in English, that does nt need a believe i m sure it will be wonderful.

  5. i found it amazing without comparing because i dont know Arabic. you are a good writer

  6. Pascal this is great, keep it up!! looking forward for more:)

  7. i find it the perfect version , it was a very good piece now it is wonderful

  8. w ana i beleive in you
    beautiful post, beautiful translation

  9. Pascaaaaaaal!! u put a life in ur posts.. either with deep words, voice, or both.. love the package n beyond ;)

  10. Lovely piece but i prefer to read you in Arabic :O)

  11. I remember reading this piece in Arabic.

    Love it!

  12. A beautiful piece.... wow!