Tuesday, 6 September 2011


إهرب يا آدم،
إختبئ خلف الشجرة،
التقط عن الأرض
ما سقط سهواً من تفاح...

لا تقطف عن الأغصان،
لا تسرق،
لا تشتهي مقتنى الغير...
أصنع مما جمعت
كوب عصير
طازج كالخطيئة...
على روؤس الأصابع،
إزحف إلى حيت
أضطجعت حواء
على جلد أفعى...
قدّم الطاعة معصورة،
أنها هي
من بين كل نساء الجنة
من أحببت...


  1. يا للسهل الممتنع يا باسكال، رائعة المعاني و بناء جيد و ممتع

  2. يا زلمي رح يصير معي سكري و انا عم جرب افهمك :) هلّق شو، عم يعتذر من حالو لأنو حب هالملعونة بالذات او عم يعزمها ع عصير؟ أعجبتني فكرة عصير التفاح و المرأة المستلقية على جلد أفعى. و هنا ايضا رمزية جميلة باستعمال جلد الأفعى، يعني فيي جادل انو حواء بريئة و الأفعى هي في مكان آخر..... خطيرة قصيدتك، كسيف ذو حدين... ما منعرف اذا غزل أو ذم و قدح... حلو هالاتباس... عرفت جيدا كيف تحبك خيوط...القصيدة

  3. What I like most in this poem, is the presence of God in so different aspects: Advice, Commandments, Guidance, Obedience, Repentance, and finally Love... It might not be what you wanted to show through your poem, but this is what I could see and this is just mesmerizing.

  4. This is a scary poem. I imagine the poor Adam running and hiding, but why is this place so scary? It is supposed to be "heaven", right? Where the 10 commandments already set? Had "God" already forbidden them from coming near the apple trees or even eating apples? And for God sake, why didn't Adam and Eve ask God why it was forbidden to eat apples? (Is it one of those rules that you simply have to follow and not to question anything related to them?)
    I like the way you display your thoughts, and the way the poem unfolds. But for God sake, why is the entire environment so scary? Why is Adam aware of all these things (i.e. Eve lying down on the skin of a viper, the fact that apples are forbidden, and of the 10 commandments) but he doesn't do anything to change them or to respect them? He is aware that he isn't supposed to come near the apple trees, but he comes anyway, he picks the apples, but he keeps reminding himself not to steal or not to pick anything from the branches.
    Thank you :) This is one of those poems that makes me think, rethink and question. Thank you :)

  5. @Emily
    مشكورة إطلالتك المميزة وكلماتك الجميلة

    شو بدّي قول
    تفككين رأسي كمن يفكك قنبلة
    أخاف أن تنجحي كما أخاف عليك إن فشلتي
    كمان سيف ذو حدين
    بريء أنا من مكر الكلمات
    لا تشنقوني بخيوط قصيدتي

    mesmerizing is ur clever comment ;) it makes me so happy that you saw that much goodness in it... perhaps what u saw is what i meant in this poem? maybe?

    Here comes miss 1000's questions, as i said to Maeiva earlier, are u both dismantling my head :D scary ? my poem is scary? now i am scared.. and oh gosh how much i love ur questions, like bullets right in my head... to tell u the truth i was afraid to post this poem, i was afraid to truly reveal what i mean in it... thanks god you all saw parts and not the whole truth... and the beauty is the follow, most of u revealed things i didn't know it is there but are somehow so true in my mind

    Thank you all for ur comments, u make me love writing :)

  6. اختيار الشخص المناسب نتيجته الزواج

    من يقودنا إلى خطيئة التفكير نحبّه ولو فقدنا بسببه نعيم الجنّة

  7. @Mary
    تعليقك رائع ومخخ أكثر من ما كتبت أنا

  8. @Chanty
    Thank you for your presence on my blog :) you are amazing too